Las Vegas massage parlors are popular throughout Sin City. It allows people to get a massage that helps to relieve the tension in their muscles.

What is a Massage Parlor?
A massage parlor is identified as any location where a massage is provided. The term “parlor” is often given a negative connotation. Many places simply call themselves a spa. When the term “massage parlor” is used, it is often associated with the sex industry. There is a phrase known as a “happy ending” which identifies that there is a sexual release provided along with the massage.

A “happy ending” is a form of prostitution, which is illegal in Las Vegas and the rest of Clark County. As such, massage parlors will not advertise that they offer such a service.

There are two different types of people who might work at a parlor. The first is a masseuse, which is typically identified as a female. Masseuses may or may not have licenses in Nevada. The second is a massage therapist, which is someone who is licensed and who has gone through specific training.

Massage parlors typically break down to include

  • hotels
  • in-room
  • Asian

Those who are seeking a massage will have plenty of choices throughout the city. Reviews are a big part of finding the right place to ensure that the people are friendly and that there is value provided for what a person pays for the services.

Hotel-Based Massage Parlors

Throughout Las Vegas, hotels and resorts look to provide the best possible experience to their guests. As such, they offer restaurants, boutiques, and even spas on premises.

Many will provide massage services on-site. This allows guests to book a reservation at the spa for a massage and then visit the spa at the scheduled time.

Harrah’s Spa offers a number of different massages that will last between 50 and 80 minutes depending on the client’s choice.

The Spa at New York New York offers massages that span 25 to 75 minutes. Guests can choose between Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Aromatherapy style massages.

Red Rock is another popular destination for massages. Their full-service spa offers a wide array of body treatments to include massages, facials and more. While located off the strip, there is a lot on premises for those who wish to go the extra distance.

In-Room Massages

Various parlors and spas will provide in-room massages. This allows clients to get a massage without having to leave the comfort of their hotel room. The masseuse or therapist will come to the hotel room with all of the needed supplies, which might include a massage table that gets set up.

Couples find in-room massages to be comfortable as it allows them to both receive massages simultaneously. Two masseuses will show up. In some instances, the masseuses will spend half the time with a client and then trade because of having two different skill sets.

Las Vegas In-Room Massage is one of the many services provided in the city.

Many hotels on the Vegas Strip will provide in-room massages as well.

Asian Massage Parlors

Asian massage parlors in Vegas are popular. These are ones that involve Asian women providing the full massage.

NURU is a common massage that is offered, which began in Japan. The masseuse will use her body to provide the massage. The word “NURU” translates to mean “slippery.” Much of this has to do with a gel made from seaweed leaves that is applied to the body. It allows the masseuse to slide across the client’s body during the massage.

A Korean massage, which involves thumbs and elbows on pressure points, is offered at many locations. It will often involve shiatsu and reflexology as a way of releasing the stress in muscles. The Imperial Spa is one of the top rated massage parlors for this type of massage.

A tantra massage is often found at many of the Oriental massage parlors in Vegas, too. It is an erotic massage where the masseuse will use as much of her body as possible to help relieve stress and tension from the body of the client. The AAA Tantra Massage has a reputation for providing an array of tantalizing massages, and they offer a full menu of services.

Massage Parlor Etiquette

There is always massage parlor etiquette that should be followed. A person should dress for comfort when going to a massage parlor and leave their valuables within their hotel room. Additionally, there is other etiquette that one should note as well.

  • Guests disrobe to a level that is comfortable for them.
  • Masseuses will often provide options for service.
  • Guests should refrain from asking for “extras.”
  • Tipping is highly encouraged across all parlors.

Las Vegas massage parlors see a lot of bookings throughout the year. Anyone wanting a massage should plan on booking ahead of time, even if by a few hours. It's also important to note that some massage parlors and spas will have answering services and provide a call-back, particularly the ones found in high-end resorts and hotels. Other locations will involve speaking directly to the girl providing the service. Either way, it’s best to ask questions if there is an uncertainty to what one is getting prior to showing up for the massage.