The Las Vegas strip only spans a little over 4 miles. However, in that distance, there are hundreds of three star and below restaurants. You need to know how to navigate the restaurants to get good grub for a value.

While there are plenty of five star restaurants on The Strip, you can't eat at that level every day.

Two and three star restaurants on the Strip can offer good food and good service. Take a look at where you're staying and then look at some of the places that are near you. No matter where you are, there are some great options within walking distance.

The Top Buffets on The Strip

There may not be another city in the world better known for its buffets than Vegas. You will find that the majority of buffets fall into the three star and below category. It’s simply because it’s the nature of the buffet. There is no real service to speak of, but the food is delicious and worth the price.

The cost of the buffets will vary. Plus, if you have a player’s card for the casino where the buffet is located, it has the potential to save you a few dollars.

You’re going to find your three-star buffet eats at plenty of hotels, though not the elite resorts. There are some four star restaurants on The Strip that are buffets, but they are at hotels such as The Metropolitan and Aria.

Paris, for example, offers Le Village. They have quite a few live-action stations where you can see the chefs cooking. You can also find some cooked-to-order items available.

Mirage offers Cravings, which is a world-class buffet with charcuterie, out-of-the-oven pizzas, and an incredible dessert station.

Harrah’s is home to Flavors, where the buffet is affordable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will find all-you-can-eat crab legs as well as a wide array of proteins ranging from shrimp to rotisserie chicken.

Flamingo offers the Paradise Garden Buffet, too. You will find an incredible salad bar as well as a brunch that is available 7 days a week.

If you are planning on going to Vegas with the family, it’s also important to note that most buffets are free to kids three and under. This can save a lot of money when you’re eating out for every meal.

The Best of the "Grab and Go" Restaurants

Sometimes, it’s best to find a “grab and go” restaurant. It generally involves counter service. You go up, place your order, and then leave with your food. You might also have the opportunity to sit down and eat it there, but it’s not going to take long to do so.

Earl of Sandwich is inside of Planet Hollywood. It’s known for offering deli-style food and all of the sandwiches are made-to-order. The Holiday Turkey is perhaps their best-known sandwich, which includes turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

Shake Shack is inside of New York New York and is a great place to go when you’re craving a basic burger and milkshake combo. The burgers are Angus beef, and the shakes come in a variety of flavors.

Pink’s Hot Dogs is found in Planet Hollywood. The original location is in Los Angeles and carries the reputation for being one of the best places for a hot dog in the country. There are a lot of crazy spins on a hot dog, too, including a bacon burrito dog.

Some other three-star eats in a “grab and go” format include food trucks. You might find the food trucks parked anywhere around the city, including various special events. Each food truck has its own unique theme, ranging from burgers to tacos to Korean BBQ. Roaming Hunger is a great tool to use to find out about the different food trucks that are out there, where they will be, and what their current menu is. Some of the best restaurants in Summerlin got their start as a food truck, too.

Top Three Star and Below Sit-Down Restaurants

You will find plenty of three-star and below sit-down restaurants as well. When you’re on a budget and want someone to come over and take your order, you will not be at a loss of where to eat. Many of these restaurants are on The Strip but aren’t actually in the hotels and resorts. They’re the ones found sprinkled around the resorts, and some might even be chains you have heard of before.

Dragon Noodle Co. & Sushi Bar is located at 3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South. It offers a lot of different Asian dishes and you can also find a lot of sake and tea on the menu. The prize is just right and you can make reservations to ensure a table is available when you walk through the door.

Burger Bar is owned by Chef Hubert Heller. It’s found at 3930 Las Vegas Boulevard South and has a great reputation for being one of the best burgers you can find in Vegas. While the burgers are a little on the price side, it’s a laid back place that allows you to go in and eat without having to get dressed up.

The Sporting House is a bar and grill at 3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South. One of the most impressive aspects of this place is that there are more than 100 flat screen TVs. The bar-bite classics have a spin and it’s affordable, too. You will find that many of the best restaurants in Henderson are sports bars as well.

When you’re looking for simple, you can find it in Vegas. The three star restaurants on The Strip are out there. The best tip is to read some reviews to make sure you’re going to get the value. Plus, if you are able to make reservations, be sure to do it. You could end up saving yourself an hour of waiting for a table, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.