Las Vegas strip clubs are a mainstay in the city. While many are located directly on The Strip, others are tucked away.

Strip clubs are available to those who are 18+, though the clubs vary in terms of the individual rules. Everyone considering going to a strip club to see an exotic dancer should know a few details.

  • Age requirement
  • Full nude vs topless
  • Etiquette
  • Lap dances vs private dances

Entering a Strip Club

Las Vegas strip clubs are everywhere. There are rules that need to be followed. Additionally, it’s important to understand the concept of full nude versus topless bars. If the club is full nude, then they are not allowed to serve alcohol. On the flip side, if the club is topless, they are allowed to serve alcohol. Topless bars will allow the women to get down to a G-string, but that garment will remain on.

Understand the age. If there is no alcohol served, then the age to get in is 18. Otherwise, if there is a full bar on premises, then the age to get in is 21. In some instances, a woman might be able to get in for free.

Note: Las Vegas escorts can accompany a person to the club.

Understand the etiquette. Most of the strip clubs feature websites that explain the etiquette. This includes explaining any terminology that might be used within the club. There is also a strict rule that a stripper cannot be touched. It’s one of the fastest ways of being kicked out of a club.

Understand the options. Erotic dancers will provide entertainment on the stage. They will also walk around and offer lap dances, which are provided at a cost “per song.” Some clubs will also offer private rooms, known as “champagne rooms” that provide private dances at a higher cost.

The Top Strip Clubs in Vegas

There are several clubs in Vegas that have the best reputation.

The Spearmint Rhino

The Spearmint Rhino is a topless club that provides a full bar. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is a cover charge that is charged to everyone, though it is waived when a person takes advantage of the free limo service from a Las Vegas hotel.

The club is known to be one of the best in Vegas because of the elite entertainers. Bottle packages are available for guests, providing alcohols well as the use of the VIP entrance and a premium table.

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club is a topless club with a full bar. They specialize in VIP party packages as well as bachelor parties. It is one of the largest clubs in Las Vegas and there is a pool on premises. Various pool parties are available and there is a complete dayclub for men to enjoy.

Transportation is available, which includes one of the luxury limos or 20 passenger party buses.

Crazy Horse III

Crazy Horse III offers themed nights to include sports nights and more. A free limo is provided to the topless club, making it easy for people to get to the club. Various deals to include bottle packages are readily available and can be booked in advance.

Crazy Horse III also promotes that they have the best VIP in Vegas. Bar food and sushi are also available from their menus.

Palomino Club

The Palomino Club is the only club in Las Vegas to provide all-nude dancing as well as a full bar. The only reason they are able to get around this is because they have been grandfathered in by the county and the city.

The club is located off the Strip by about 20 minutes. They do offer complimentary shuttles and has a reputation around the world.

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse provides a full experience for those who want to enjoy good food and high-quality entertainment. It is considered one of the most luxurious clubs in Las Vegas. There are house limousines that will pick guests up from their hotel and bring them back. Additionally, the club is topless, allowing for a full bar.

Considerations Before Going to a Strip Club

Strip clubs are commonly visited by singles and couples. There is both excitement and entertainment on the stage as well as with the women who serve drinks. It’s also a popular venue for bachelor and bachelorette parties to take place.

Several considerations need to be made prior to going to a strip club.

Arrange transportation
Transportation is often necessary to get to the club. A strip club will send a shuttle to pick up parties and bring them to the club. If advanced transportation is not made, clubs might be too busy when deciding the night of. It’s best to plan ahead, especially if wanting to visit a club on a Friday or Saturday night.

Additionally, if there is a group of people going, for a birthday or bachelor party, the club should be notified in advance to prepare as well as help plan.

Full nude or topless?
There are strip clubs that offer full nude and ones that offer topless. One of the few 18+ nude bars is called Little Darlings. It’s important to decide on the correct bar to ensure the proper level of entertainment is obtained.

What are VIP Packages?
VIP packages are often available at various clubs in Las Vegas. They provide admission, free transportation and various coupons for once a person arrives on premises. They are discounted packages and often available on the club’s website.